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Navigator is about supporting teachers with high-quality teaching and learning using district curriculum, instructional strategies, resources and tools to accelerate growth and achievement of our students.

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Unit Frameworks Curriculum Pacing Guides
Guaranteed & Viable

Curriculum Resources

Easy-access to our guaranteed and viable curriculum to take student achievement to new heights.

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Support, Engage, Empower


Elevate your community: Volunteer and donate to support teachers and inspire learning.

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Next-Level Tech


Providing the teachers of today, with the cutting-edge tools of tomorrow.

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The FCPS Framework

Navigate to Student Success


Process & Delivery

We are moving learning forward by ensuring our students are clearly informed of learning expectations and standards of performance, authentically engaged in the learning process, and provided feedback.

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FCPS Framework PDSA Cycle


Data Analysis & Assessment

We have designed data analysis tools to help teachers and leaders interpret the data and establish next steps in instruction. This data also tells how to tailor support to schools with release days and PLC resources.

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Professional Learning

We have a system for which schools request and receive professional learning opportunities that support district shared curriculum initiatives and address school-specific needs (i.e., evidence-based strategies, strategies to support Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning (CRTL), and standards deconstruction and formative assessment practices.)

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Design. Build. Grow.
Better Together.

Navigator was built by Fayette County Public Schools through a collaborative effort between the Department of Teaching and Learning and the Department of Technology with funding from the Kloiber Foundation.

The collaboration doesn’t stop here. We want you to join us. What feedback do you have? How are you using Navigator?

The future of Navigator relies on your voice being heard.

This is only the beginning.

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