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The revised Kentucky Academic Standards (KAS) for Science (2022) have now been pushed out to all schools within Infinite Campus (IC).

Schools wanting to use the KAS for Science (2022) in IC standards-based grading and/or progress monitoring will need to use the Standards Wizard to select the new set of standards in the settings menu and align standards to courses.

The previous digital KAS for Science will be archived by Sept. 5, 2023.

The KAS in Infinite Campus should be regarded as an interactive digital companion that can provide direct support for teachers who wish to use such features as standards-based grading, progress monitoring and lesson planning in IC. To design high-quality, standards-aligned instruction, educators should continue to use the KAS documents available on the
Aug 8, 2023
· Rosalind Koop
Dear Educators,

We are thrilled to introduce our District-Wide Writing Plan and comprehensive writing resources, designed to foster a love for writing in our students. The purpose of the District-Wide Writing Plan is to improve students' writing by implementing a comprehensive, research-based approach to writing instruction across all grade levels and content areas. By providing educators with the tools and support they need to deliver high-quality writing instruction, the district hopes to promote student success and achievement, both academically and in the world beyond the classroom. 

The P-12 Writing Guidance Document contains the Fayette County Public Schools P-12 Writing Guidance Document. The information enclosed is based on state regulation (Senate Bill 1, 2022), Kentucky Academic Standards (KAS) for Reading and Writing, and corresponds to the Kentucky Department of Education Writing Program Guidelines. This document provides schools with the FCPS vision and directions for implementing writing instruction that supports the delivery of the KAS for Reading and Writing for grades P-12.

Within the P-12 Writing Guidance Document, there are two infographics that consist of the Plan, Do, Study, Act (PDSA) cycle and each part of the cycle is linked to a dashboard. These comprehensive infographic resources are designed to empower teachers of all levels with essential techniques and tips to enhance student writing skills across disciplines. It covers a wide range of writing essentials, resources, best practices, etc. By interacting with this infographic resource, teachers can quickly gain access to fundamental concepts, reinforce their understanding of writing principles, and refine their classroom instruction. Whether it's an essay, a report, a creative piece, or any form of written communication, this resource provides the tools necessary to make a lasting impact with words.

P-12 Writing Guidance Document

Download the P-12 Writing Guidance Document as a PDF to interact with clickable links.

If you are looking for support with the implementation of writing across-disciplines, please contact:

Wendy Jones-Robinson
Elementary District-Based Instructional Coach

Ro Koop
Secondary District-Based Instructional Coach

We are excited for the inspiring year ahead!
After undergoing a rigorous revision process that began in January 2021, the revised Kentucky Academic Standards (KAS) for Science have been adopted into law.

The process included revisions by Kentucky educators and community members, public input and review by the Kentucky Board of Education before undergoing final legislative review and adoption.

The newly adopted standards will be implemented in Kentucky classrooms beginning in the 2023-2024 school year and can be accessed on A Getting to Know Your KAS for Science module is also available on to support educators in the implementation of the revised science standards.

Kentucky Revised Statute (KRS) 158.6453 calls for the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) to implement a process for reviewing all academic standards and aligned assessments beginning in the 2017-2018 school year. For more information regarding the standards revision process, please visit the Kentucky Academic Standards Revision Process webpage.

Please contact the KDE Standards Team with any questions regarding the newly adopted standards or the standards revision process. 
Jun 1, 2023
· David Helm
We are thrilled to announce that the highly anticipated 2023-2024 Unit Frameworks are now available in your grade/course level section within Navigator! 
We eagerly look forward to partnering with you on your teaching and learning journey. Throughout this collaborative endeavor, we encourage you to share your invaluable feedback on each unit at any stage of implementation. You can conveniently provide your insights and suggestions by utilizing the feedback feature located in the waffle menu.
Your contribution and input are instrumental in shaping the success of these Unit Frameworks. We deeply value your engagement and are committed to working together to create an exceptional educational experience.
We are excited to witness the positive impact these Unit Frameworks will have on your classroom experiences. Thank you for your support!
Jan 18, 2022
· David Helm

Amplify Science has partnered with EdWeb to provide three groundbreaking recorded webinars.  With these webinars, available on-demand, you will be able to address your professional development needs on your own time:

Cultivate Student Curiosity

Build Literacy Skills While Connecting Students to Science Content

Engage students with Phenomena-based Instruction

Jul 29, 2021
· David Helm

Don't forget to subsribe to the FCPS Teaching & Learning YouTube Channel! FCPS  Here you will numerous supporting Amplify Science videos for planning and teaching!