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Aug 8, 2023
Physical Education
· Rosalind Koop
Dear Educators,

We are thrilled to introduce our District-Wide Writing Plan and comprehensive writing resources, designed to foster a love for writing in our students. The purpose of the District-Wide Writing Plan is to improve students' writing by implementing a comprehensive, research-based approach to writing instruction across all grade levels and content areas. By providing educators with the tools and support they need to deliver high-quality writing instruction, the district hopes to promote student success and achievement, both academically and in the world beyond the classroom. 

The P-12 Writing Guidance Document contains the Fayette County Public Schools P-12 Writing Guidance Document. The information enclosed is based on state regulation (Senate Bill 1, 2022), Kentucky Academic Standards (KAS) for Reading and Writing, and corresponds to the Kentucky Department of Education Writing Program Guidelines. This document provides schools with the FCPS vision and directions for implementing writing instruction that supports the delivery of the KAS for Reading and Writing for grades P-12.

Within the P-12 Writing Guidance Document, there are two infographics that consist of the Plan, Do, Study, Act (PDSA) cycle and each part of the cycle is linked to a dashboard. These comprehensive infographic resources are designed to empower teachers of all levels with essential techniques and tips to enhance student writing skills across disciplines. It covers a wide range of writing essentials, resources, best practices, etc. By interacting with this infographic resource, teachers can quickly gain access to fundamental concepts, reinforce their understanding of writing principles, and refine their classroom instruction. Whether it's an essay, a report, a creative piece, or any form of written communication, this resource provides the tools necessary to make a lasting impact with words.

P-12 Writing Guidance Document

Download the P-12 Writing Guidance Document as a PDF to interact with clickable links.

If you are looking for support with the implementation of writing across-disciplines, please contact:

Wendy Jones-Robinson
Elementary District-Based Instructional Coach

Ro Koop
Secondary District-Based Instructional Coach

We are excited for the inspiring year ahead!
Feb 4, 2021
Physical Education
· LaDonda Porter

If you are interested in getting your BAI to teach archery.  There is a training in Nicholaville.  FYI PE teachers fees are WAIVED!!!

Go to to register.  PE teachers who will teach in school can get their fee waived.


Class Delivery Type: Traditional In-Person
Class Date(s): 2/27/2021 - 2/27/2021
In-Person Class Times: 8:30 AM-3:30 PM
Class Capacity: 12
Registration End Date: 2/25/2021

Notes: The cost of the training is $80 and includes the training materials. Checks should be made to Eric Sowers or Kim Sowers. KY NASP has requested the payment go through the regional coordinators which is why the check is made out to us, and not NASP or KY NASP. Should your organization need to use a PO or another form of payment, please email Kim at and she will help you work it out. The class time period listed on this document is an approximation based on class times we have experienced in the past, without breaking for a specified amount of time for lunch (45 minutes to one hour). Should the participants choose to continue through lunch, please bring a lunch/drink to eat/drink at the facility so that we can continue the class and you can get done sooner. We are ok with taking a lunch break if that is what the participants prefer. Lastly, you will be moving and using the archery equipment on an archery range so please wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

The Providence Activity Center
200 Computrex Drive Nicholasville KY 40356US
Google Directions

Contact Email:
Contact Phone: 8595533459 or 859553



Eric Sowers    

Jan 26, 2021
Physical Education
· LaDonda Porter

Hello all,

I stumbled upon this video about some ways to up your student engagement in PE.  Hope some of you find it useful.


We are in this together. . .

LaDonda Porter


Dec 18, 2020
Physical Education
· Mary Jo Geddes


Before you leave for Winter Break today, please take a moment and subscribe to Health and Physical Education on Navigator.  There are a ton of resources, lessons, activities and more on this website!!  If you have an activity or lesson you would like to share with our Fayette County colleagues, please add it to the website. 

Also, check out the In-Person Instructional Models some schools are using when we go back hopefully in 2021.  Every school is different, but hopefully these models will help your school prepare. 

Thanks for all you do in the Health and Physical Education world.  Happy Holidays!

Jo Geddes 

Jul 1, 2020
Physical Education
· Billy Noble

Physical education leads students on a journey to acquire the skills, knowledge, and attitudes to be active for a lifetime. FCPS physical education provides students with a variety of learning opportunities and experiences designed for exploration and self-discovery in physical activity pursuits.


In physical education we establish a safe, student-centered learning environment designed to maximize learning experiences for all students. In this environment students learn personal and social responsibility, motor skills, as well as key concepts and principles associated with movement. Students also learn valuable content associated with physical activity promotion, fitness, and health-related physical activity. Of particular importance are curricular materials linked to the affective domain. That is students learn the significance  of self-expression, value physical activity, enjoy movement, and challenge themselves. These concepts are essential for making physical education meaningful. All content is taught using commonly accepted best practices in physical education pedagogy and physical activity motivation.


The curriculum unit frameworks, pacing guides, and FCPS Physical Education Framework materials provided in the Navigator outline the foundational components of content identified as necessary to meet the needs of our students. It is recognized that each school’s context will vary and thus physical education teachers may need to make modifications. It is also understood that all modifications will be made heeding to the fundamental purpose of physical education using recognized best practices in physical education.