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Dec 4, 2023
· Rachel Kahly

KACTE Summer Conference - The Galt House Hotel, Louisville - July 8 – 11, 2024
Call for Presentations - You all do amazing things in your classroom and schools!  You should share your successes and tricks of the trade with your peers at our KACTE Conference this Summer.  If you are interested in teaming up or want to help writing the proposal or creating a presentation  email me. I would love to work with you. 🙂
Presentation Proposals are requested to further sustain programmatic, classroom, and student achievement through professional leadership, postsecondary readiness, new technology, career pathways, best practice, enhanced life skills or successful partnerships. The 2024 Summer Program Planning Committee seeks to highlight and share proven examples of the CTE’s impact on students, schools and communities, as well as innovations, technology applications and curriculum.
All proposals are due February 2, 2024.  2024 Summer Program Call for Presentations

Working With Multilingual  Learners
I learned some cool things at the ACTE Vision Conference last week and I wanted to share.  It was great to learn with a CTE Team from Creek.  Hope to learn with more of you next year is in San Antonio.  https://www.careertechvision.com/ 

NTI Weather Days
THis may be a good time to have students prep for EOP

Pathful Explore
Our Elevate platform works in conjunction with Pathful Explore.  All teachers have access to career exploration and career readiness videos, lessons, and assessments that you can use in your CTE courses. Pathful Explore is a 6-12 College and Career Exploration Platform that uses a combination of interactive tools, assessments, and real-world exploration videos to help students adapt to the rapidly evolving world of work. Log in via CLEVER 

Rosters were due 12/1.  Please continue to recruit and add memebers to your organization.  If you haven’t started implementing projects/events into courses or assisting students in preparing for events, start now.  Please reach out to your fellow CTSO advisors across the district.  Your PLC Network Contacts are on our program area scope and sequence documents.

February is CTE Month
It is about celebrating the value of CTE and the achievements and accomplishments of our CTE programs, teachers, and students.  This is a great opportunity to highlight our CTSOs and let the community share in the celebration.   Share your good stuff on social media and with us for the BUZZ - https://bit.ly/FCPSCTEgoodnews

CTE Professional learning Google Site - All Summit dates, info, and slides.  Next CTE Summit - DUAL CREDIT - Jan 24!

Next PLC is Jan 11 at PLD for High School and Jan 18 at CMS for Middle Schools.
Invites coming soon.  Catch up on all thing CTE PLC on our site https://bit.ly/CDPAPSite

CTE Pathways Aligned to BCTC = Dual Credit

Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to providing high quality CTE learning and experiences for our students.   

Nov 6, 2023
· Rachel Kahly
November 2023
Did you know about apprenticeship opportunities at BCT for our students?

Check out these Resources and Opportunities 

CTE District Program Area PLC Network - REMEMBER TO TEACH YOUR LESSON (AD4 Use tables, graphs, diagrams and charts to obtain or convey information) AND GIVE YOUR FORMATIVE BEFORE OUR NEXT MEETING.  Bring formative results so we can complete a PDSA cycle.

Dates High School 4-5pm  (Business, Computer Science, Engineering, Family Consumer Science, Education, Health Science, Media Arts)Nov 9 - TCHSJan 11  - PLDFeb 8 - HCHSMar 14 - LHSMay 1 - BSHS | Dates Middle School (Health Science, STEM/Engineering, Computer Science, Business) 4:45- 5:45Nov 16 - SMSJan 18 - CMSFeb 15 - JCMSMar 21 - BSMSApril 18 - WMS

Do you have your fall advisory planned?  


  • The EOP – 2023-2024 EOP Testing window is February 19th - March 29th.  
  • December 1:  Deadline for your assessment coordinator to select a testing window. CTE EOP Assessment web page 
  • EOP Resources 

Instructional Frameworks
Check the navigator for the scope and sequence docs.  Most courses have frameworks aligned to Industry and Pathway standards. This is also the place for resources, articulation/dual credit information, and program area teacher contacts. (good way to make connections and collaborate) 

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Oct 12, 2023
· Rachel Kahly
October 2023

KACTE Members Can Access EC131 for Free
You recently received a promotion from CTE Learn, KACTE’s online professional development portal, announcing the availability of EC131, How to Develop Virtual Reality Lessons. The course was authored by KACTE member Willis Holmes and is free to Kentucky teachers and administrators. It can be accessed and payment bypassed with a Master Key code.
The Master Key will provide free access to EC131. Participants simply login and enter the Master Key to access the course. Here's the master key: MK903213

Do you have your fall advisory planned?  

  • The EOP – 2023-2024 EOP Testing window is February 19th - March 29th.  December 1:  Deadline for your assessment coordinator to select a testing window. 
  • EOP Resources 

Instructional Frameworks
Check the navigator or the scope and sequence docs.  Most courses have frameworks aligned to Industry and Pathway standards.

CTE Summits 23-24 - Sign up on Frontline!
  • Admin, CTE Leads
  • Dates:
    • 10-25:  WBL & Partnerships 
    • 11-15 - EOP & Industry Certifications 

CTE District Program Area PLC Network
  • Monthly Meetings -  2-1-1 Model - CTE District PLC Network 2-1-1 Plan 
  • CTE HS & MS Teachers
  • Focus Areas
    • Instructional Frameworks
      • Equitable High Quality CTE Programs
      • Visible Learning
      • Standards Based Instruction Aligned to Industry Certs and EOP
    • Instructional Design & Instructional Strategies
      • High Yield Instructional Strategies
      • CTSOs
      • IDMs (Inquiry Design Models)
    • Interdisciplinary Literacy Practices
      • Vocabulary - Employability and Academic
    • Dates High School 4-5pm  (Business, Computer Science, Engineering, Family Consumer Science, Education, Health Science, Media Arts)
      • Sept 14 - FDHS
      • Oct 18 - BSHS
      • Nov 9 - TCHS
      • Jan 11  - PLD
      • Feb 8 - HCHS
      • Mar 14 - LHS
      • May 1 - BSHS
    • Dates Middle School (Health Science, STEM/Engineering, Computer Science, Business) 5-6pm
      • Sept 21 - LMS
      • Oct 19 - MMS
      • Nov 16 - SMS
      • Jan 18 - CMS
      • Feb 15 - JCMS
      • Mar 21 - BSMS
      • April 18 - WMS
        • FCS calendar invites coming from A. Sullinger
        • Ag Invites on Calendar - First Meeting August 28 TCMS lead by Jacob Ball

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Aug 17, 2023
· Rachel Kahly
August 2023 - Welcome Back to School!!!
I'm excited to support you all this year.  I am here to answer questions, implement research based instructional strategies, assist in lesson planning, collaborate with instructional frameworks, and provide guidance with all things CTE.  In a nutshell I am here for you.
How do you define classroom expectations?  What are your expectations for this class?
This is a great prompt to get students engaged and thinking about expectations and policies and the why behind it.  Have students define “being fair”, “answering questions”, “respect”, “dress appropriately”, etc…Thanks Ms. Perrin BSHS Engineering

First Days of School Ideas
Please add ideas to this doc.  First Days Back to School Ideas 

How do we get students to engage and talk to each other?

Technology to increase student engagement
Check out our office of instructional technology - http://bit.ly/oittech 
If you haven’t tried a padlet, google jam board, mentimeter, peardeck, or nearpod, give it a try.  These tools encourage students to participate and interact with the material.

Where do I go for tech help?
Tech support ticket or call 381-HELP (4357) for assistance with computers, network, printers, software, phones, Google sites, eCurriculum, Infinite Campus, etc.

Supporting CTE.pdf  - KYVL resources for career preparation, career exploration, small business startup, and industry research.

Where are the frameworks?  Where are my standards?
https://navigator.fcps.net/ OR Scope & Sequence Doc…

Please let me know how I can support you.  My days to visit are Tuesdays and Thursdays and I look forward to working with you.

Aug 8, 2023
· Rosalind Koop
Dear Educators,

We are thrilled to introduce our District-Wide Writing Plan and comprehensive writing resources, designed to foster a love for writing in our students. The purpose of the District-Wide Writing Plan is to improve students' writing by implementing a comprehensive, research-based approach to writing instruction across all grade levels and content areas. By providing educators with the tools and support they need to deliver high-quality writing instruction, the district hopes to promote student success and achievement, both academically and in the world beyond the classroom. 

The P-12 Writing Guidance Document contains the Fayette County Public Schools P-12 Writing Guidance Document. The information enclosed is based on state regulation (Senate Bill 1, 2022), Kentucky Academic Standards (KAS) for Reading and Writing, and corresponds to the Kentucky Department of Education Writing Program Guidelines. This document provides schools with the FCPS vision and directions for implementing writing instruction that supports the delivery of the KAS for Reading and Writing for grades P-12.

Within the P-12 Writing Guidance Document, there are two infographics that consist of the Plan, Do, Study, Act (PDSA) cycle and each part of the cycle is linked to a dashboard. These comprehensive infographic resources are designed to empower teachers of all levels with essential techniques and tips to enhance student writing skills across disciplines. It covers a wide range of writing essentials, resources, best practices, etc. By interacting with this infographic resource, teachers can quickly gain access to fundamental concepts, reinforce their understanding of writing principles, and refine their classroom instruction. Whether it's an essay, a report, a creative piece, or any form of written communication, this resource provides the tools necessary to make a lasting impact with words.

P-12 Writing Guidance Document

Download the P-12 Writing Guidance Document as a PDF to interact with clickable links.

If you are looking for support with the implementation of writing across-disciplines, please contact:

Wendy Jones-Robinson
Elementary District-Based Instructional Coach

Ro Koop
Secondary District-Based Instructional Coach

We are excited for the inspiring year ahead!
Jul 13, 2023
· Rachel Kahly
The Teaching and Learning Department is excited to share Instructional Design Models for each content area.  The purpose of these models is to ensure systems of instruction that are aligned to provide equitable experiences for all students.  Teachers will have the opportunity to learn more about these models during the August professional learning opportunities.  These models will also have a designated location within Navigator prior to the start of the 2023-2024 school year.  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1BanLGu9heKNy9yyiiWlqdq0d0iOf5QFPI6q8E2JJiQU/edit?usp=sharing
May 24, 2023
· Rachel Kahly
May 2023 FCPS CTE Curriculum and Instruction Updates

Thank you for bringing lessons to life and providing our students with real world experiences.  I want to wish you a very happy and relaxing summer.  Below are just a few things you may be interested in checking out this summer.  This is just a sampling of what your KDE program area consultants send in their emails.

  • Agriculture Education
  • Business and Marketing Education
  • Computer Science
  • Construction Technology
  • Engineering Technology Education
  • Family and Consumer Sciences Education
  • Health Science Education
  • Law and Public Safety
  • Manufacturing Technology
  • Media Arts
  • Transportation Education

  • Breakout EDU increases engagement which means deeper learning.  It allows students to be center stage in their learning with hands-on lessons.  It promotes critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and communications.  While working with peers, students actively use soft skills which help them create connections.  Breakout EDU will challenge your classroom's content knowledge, inspire student collaboration and empower them with what they need both in and out of the classroom.  Join us on June 14-15, 9:30 am, at Salato Wildlife Education Center in Frankfort, KY.  Each participant will receive a Breakout EDU Kit for their classroom and program specific games. Attendees are eligible to receive a stipend for each day along with travel, lodging, and meal reimbursements.  Complete the 2023 Breakout Registration Form to reserve your spot today!  

  • May is Mental Health Awareness Month.  Mental Health Awareness has been observed in the U.S. since 1949. This Mental Health Awareness Month, the U.S. The Department of Health and Human Services brings attention to mental health and how essential it is to overall health and well-being.  Spotlighting May as Mental Health Awareness Month can help decrease the negative stigma associated with mental health issues and gives us the opportunity to share proactive strategies to reinforce positive mental health. The Mental Health Awareness Month Toolkit provides many easy-to-implement resources and activities for a variety of stakeholders. 

  • https://open.spotify.com/episode/6cdhGWGSf7SRrSgmxE2bNE Happy Mental Health Awareness month! To celebrate, we're airing a replay of one of our favorite CERTIFIED podcast episodes from last November.  In this episode, we sat down with Damien to learn about what social-emotional learning is, why it matters, and why CTE classrooms are perfectly poised to help students find a place to belong and discover who they are. If you or your students are feeling lost, overwhelmed,underappreciated, or misunderstood, this episode will bring insight and direction to help you pave a path forward.

    •  CANVAS COURSE SHELL - https://fcps.instructure.com/enroll/TBCLRL. Email me for teacher access
    • The Ethical Leadership for Middle-Level Students badging exam is now available. The exam assesses a student's knowledge of foundational ethics concepts and skills, including the ethical principles of respect, responsibility, integrity, transparency, fairness, trust, rules and laws, and viability.
    • Designed for students in grades 6-8, the test contains 30 multiple-choice items.  Students who score 70% or higher on the exam earn a Middle-Level Ethical Leadership digital badge.
    • To prepare students for the exam, download the free ethical leadership for middle-level students course guide and the 10 accompanying instructional modules
  • Hope to see some of you at the KACTE summer conference.  https://www.acteonline.org/kacteonline/summer-program/ 

  • If you have time over the summer check out our site https://bit.ly/fcpscte  and the navigator to look at our program area scope and sequence documents to guide your planning for next year

  • Enjoy your summer - Next Updates coming late July 🙂